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October 17, 2016
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Westmont IL Realtor Shares Curb Appeal Tips


Think about the process of selling your house from the perspective of the buyer. They will pull up to your house and immediately zero in on what your house looks like from the outside. From this point, they will either grow in excitement or have to recover from that first impression. Follow some of these tips from an experienced Westmont IL real estate agent to make sure they have the first reaction.

Why Curb Appeal?

Over 90% of potential buyers start their search online. Of the ones that see your house listed, about 63% of them will drive by to see what your house looks like. They will be looking at the exterior of your house, the driveway, landscaping, etc. You want your curb appeal to not only be attractive, but also to reflect what they will see on the inside of the house. With years of experience as a Realtor in Westmont IL, there are several must-do preparations to make sure you’re ready.

Big Attractions

You may not notice your roof, but potential buyers most certainly will. Examine it in detail for any missing shingles or streaks. Does it look worn in parts? Does it need to be replaced? Often, a good cleaning can go a long way in making it look great for any drive-by visitors. As a real estate agent in Westmont, IL and knowing the damage that the weather around Chicagoland can cause, roof repair is definitely something to consider.

Remember the Details

Before taking on a major overhaul to the exterior of your house, start by giving it a good pressure wash. Be sure to look for stained steps. Then touch up the paint, especially in areas that are commonly affected like where your keys hit the door. Clear out and spider webs and make sure the address numbers are shiny. If they are worn considerably, it might be time to buy new ones. Last, straighten up the yard, add new plants, and clean up any plant containers like window boxes. The more color the better. If the time of year is winter or early spring in Westmont, some color in the yard will really make an impact on curb appeal. A good real estate agent can look over your house and make the appropriate recommendations.

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Landscaping Real Estate

Think through the natural path to your front door. Are the weeds pulled and is the grass cut? Do the bushes need trimming? If possible, pick up some inexpensive solar lights to adorn the pathway. If there are any missing or broken brick or cracks in the path, fix these. For some other considerations regarding landscape improvements and your curb appeal, contact Westmont IL Realtor Beata Kolpek. Her knowledge and experience are all you need to get ready for selling your house at its peak value.

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