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Westmont IL Real Estate Agent Helps Highlight Features of Your House


When getting your house ready to sell, you’ll first need to consider what you have to offer, and then make those things shine. Identifying the value of various aspects of your house is something a skilled realtor can help with. Here are a few considerations from Westmont IL real estate agent Beata Kolpek.

Exterior Features

Before the appraiser shows up at your house, it is wise to do some cleaning and straightening. You don’t need to do a deep clean, but you should tend to things like:

  • Overgrown landscaping
  • Carpet stains
  • Marked or damaged walls
  • Any pests

Also, think about your curb appeal. Spruce up the lawn, add some flowers, repair fixtures, and tend to any chipped paint. As a Westmont IL real estate agent, experience has proven that a little work can go a long way in adding value to your house when selling.

Room by Room

Years of experience serving as a Westmont IL real estate agent and its surrounding communities has provded skills in assessing homes for many sellers. There are a few things you can do in each room to highlight the best features of your home. In the kitchen for example, consider working towards an open layout, if possible. Matching appliances are always a plus, especially if they are stainless steel. Countertops made of granite and custom built cabinetry are also ways to increase value. In the bathroom, replace the fixtures and mirrors and consider giving the bath tub a fresh coat of paint. Natural light and adequate ventilation may also be assessed by the appraiser. Last, in the living and dining rooms, try to work towards an open layout. Anything that makes these rooms fell crowded should be removed. Repair or replace fixtures and make sure that the colors of the room are current.

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What to Fix

Small repairs should be made prior to the appraisal. After tending to those , think about repairs that cost over $500. These should be made if possible. Appraisers determine the value of a house in $500 increments, so fixing the aspects of your home over this value is wise. For detailed considerations and any of the realty services, contact Westmont IL real estate agent Beata Kolpek. You real estate needs are her priority.

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