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seller essentials by westmont il real estate agent

Westmont Illinois Realtor Seller Essentials

seller essentials by westmont il real estate agent

Whether you are trying to sell your home quickly, or you are just considering the idea of putting your home on the market, there are some essentials to include in the process. Without these steps, you may end up getting less for your home or not selling it at all. Fortunately, the market is currently on your side. Buyers are looking to find a home before interest rates rise and inventory is low in many local markets. Nonetheless, selling a home requires specific “must haves.” Professional Westmont IL real estate agent Beata Kolpek has the inside scoop.

Prepare with Diligence

The better prepared your home is for the market the better it will sell. As a Westmont IL real estate agent serving sellers, helping them make their home the best it can be is essential. Here are a few things to do to get ready:

  • Take care of needed repairs
  • Determine ROI for potential renovations
  • Do maintenance on everything (landscaping, cleaning, etc)
  • Declutter
  • Stage your home

Helping sellers with staging as a real estate agent in Westmont IL can be a pleasurable experience. The idea is to arrange the furniture and items in your home to reveal the space available, help buyers envision living in the house, and make their visit a smooth and pleasurable experience. Remember, your home needs to appeal to the most amount of buyers.

Listing Price

A second critical factor when putting your home on the market is your listing price. Many buyers want to set the price as high as possible to get the most from their home sale. It even seems reasonable that it is better to negotiate down if needed. However, if you set the price too high you run the risk of your home being on the market too long. In this case, you may end up settling for a significantly lower price or you may have trouble selling it at all. As a real estate agent in Westmont IL, doing the needed market analysis is critical when determining an accurate price.

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Finding Buyers

After your home is prepared well and the price is set, it is time to get it in front of potential buyers. This means doing things like open houses but also includes getting your home on various online platforms. Serving sellers as a Westmont IL real estate agent includes getting professional photography of a home and promoting it on real estate websites and social media. Video tours can also be helpful as they enable a buyer to see the entire home at a glance.

For more essentials regarding home sales in Westmont IL, or for help selling your home contact Westmont IL Realtor Beata Kolpek today!



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