Extra Costs When Buying New Construction

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Lisle IL realtor new construction homes

Lisle IL Realtor Shares Extra Costs of New Construction

Lisle IL realtor new construction homes

If you are thinking about buying new construction, there are many benefits to this route. Repair and maintenance issues from the previous owners are eliminated, modern styles are employed, and functional systems should be current. However, there are some costs that you will encounter when buying new construction. The more informed you are about the buying process, the better decisions you will be able to make. Enjoy some of this insight from Lisle IL real estate agent Beata Kolpek.

External Costs

Its common to encounter the need for landscaping when you buy a new house. It is best to do some research to find out how much this will cost you. Will you need a fence? Does the house need sod? How about plants? You might want to do some of the work yourself to save money. In this case, estimate how much you want to do and consider the cost of a landscaping company. Serving as a Lisle IL real estate agent has provided years of experience in identifying potential areas of cost for buyers; many of which are often overlooked.

Internal Costs

It is almost expected that you will have all the necessary appliances when you move in, but this is not the case. Talk with your real estate agent about what appliances and amenities are included. Will you need to buy a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washer, or dryer? These are significant expenses. Assumption is your worst enemy when adding up costs during the purchasing of a house. This is one reason why it is important to hire a real estate agent. Working as a Lisle IL Realtor means helping clients think through every aspect of the house they are considering. For example, you will also need covering for the windows. Blinds, curtains, curtain rods, etc all add up.

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Other Costs

Another potential cost to think about is utilities. Hopefully, the work done on the house in the areas of lighting, heating, and cooling are energy efficient. However, it always costs more to heat a larger house. If the utility provider is newer, they might charge more as well. For more thoughts on utility costs, consider Lisle IL real estate agent Beata Kolpek.

You don’t want to assume that simply because the house was recently built that it will be free from defects. Observe the waterproofing after a heavy rain. Check for leaks and flooding. Check the electrical wiring, and plumbing. Make sure you hire your own inspector before purchase. Again, don’t assume too much. Make sure you know what you are buying because once it is yours, the cost of repairs are also yours. For more information on buying new construction and all of your real estate needs, contact Lisle IL Realtor Beata Kolpek today!

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