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real estate agents in westmont il on holiday decorations

Holiday Home Prep with Westmont IL Real Estate Agent

real estate agents in westmont il on holiday decorations

There is a certain point at which your house becomes a home. This typically occurs when memories are made and traditions are formed. When there’s a goal of topping last year’s display of holiday decorations on the lawn its safe to say you’re home. In the interest of making more memories in your home here are a few great preparation ideas from Westmont IL New Construction Realtor Beata Kolpek.

Exterior Décor

Nothing says “happy holidays” like adding a thousand little lights to the outside of your home. What about adding some unique ideas this year? For example, place lanterns in the yard or gift boxes that light up. A pair of magnolia wreaths will add a touch of elegance and a couple evergreens on the porch will fill the air with that classic pine aroma. If you’re into lights, how about lining the tree in the front yard with white solar lights? This will save on electricity and those tangled extension cords. Last, use pine cones liberally. Place them in a steel container on the porch for a warm welcome to your home.

Interior Holiday Décor Ideas

One way to add some holiday comfort is to replace your throw pillows and blankets. Go with the classic red if possible. Plaid is another way to meet the seasonal trend and can be used to better blend with the paint on the walls. You might consider changing out the art on the walls as well. Scenes of snow-covered forests and wildlife can transform your home into a cozy holiday den. Another idea is to replace the frames on the walls with more festive options. Christmas trees, of course, add a lot to the holiday season. How about putting smaller ones in rooms like the master bedroom and even the kitchen?

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Appeal to All Senses

The power of aroma is often underestimated. When getting your home ready for the holiday season, don’t forget those classic aromas. Evergreen candles provide ambiance and a seasonal atmosphere as well. You can also assemble some potpourri using fresh cranberries, orange peels, cinnamon sticks, clove, and nutmeg. There are a number of great online recipes. Another way to appeal to your senses is to bring evergreen plants into your home and keep a hot cocoa dispenser going throughout the season.

For more great homeowner ideas or Westmont IL real estate contact one of the top real estate agents in Westmont IL, Beata Kolpek!

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