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Purchase Contracts When Selling Real Estate in Downers Grove


When the time comes to work through the main transaction of the sale of your house, understanding the contents of a purchase contract is paramount. You will be able to avoid costly mistakes by taking some time to gain a comprehensive understanding of the reason for, and components of, a purchase contract. As a Realtor with seller experience that is seeking to sell real estate in Downers Grove IL, understanding purchase contracts is imperative. Glean from Beata Kolpek’s realty expertise with these purchase contract essentials.

Purchase Contract Defined

A purchase contract, otherwise known as a “Purchase and Sale” agreement, is the document you will get after there has been agreement on both sides of the sale of the house which will state the final price of the home and all the terms of the purchase. The specific terms of this agreement might be different from state to state, but will most likely contain the following items. Contact Beata Kolpek for the details of purchase contracts in Illinois. She is a realty expert as one that sells real estate in Downers Grove IL and its surrounding communities.

Contents of A Purchase Contract

Most purchase contracts contain:

  • Final Sale Price – agreed upon by the seller and buyer
  • Earnest Money – the buyer will make this deposit beforehand
  • Title Company – typically chosen by the buyer
  • Title Condition – the seller will provide this to the buyer
  • Closing Details – this includes the date and transfer of the property
  • Contingencies – these are requirements that must be met prior to purchase. They may be related to inspection, financing, appraisal, etc.
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These components will be reviewed and disclosed to each party prior to closing. Dealing with purchase contracts can be tricky in many cases. Make sure you are working with a real estate agent you trust. As one who sells real estate in Downers Grove IL, consider Beata’s services related to purchase contracts and all other real estate needs.

A Few Warnings

Don’t be surprised if delays in closing. It is somewhat common. There may be a delay with the mortgage company application, for example. Deals can fall through at the closing table as well. Be patient and diligent in the closing process. With experience in selling real estate in Downers Grove IL for years, Beata Kolpek can walk you through these details in a way that will give you confidence and the sale you’re looking for. Contact her today by clicking the link above or utilizing the information provided below.

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