• Ryan, West Chicago
    "Beata Kolpek was really understand in what I was looking for in a house, she gave her honest opinion on both houses that were lacking and that were good. she shared what knowledge she had of certain aspects to look for and watch out for that I did not know being a first time buyer. Beata also gave recommendations on lawyers and inspectors that she has worked with in that past that have done well. All in all I would recommend Beata Kolpek in the future."
    Ryan, West Chicago
  • Anthony Pagano Lombard
    "Beata was really friendly made us feel comfortable of are purchase and was always looking for the best house for us we are truly greatfull for having her as are realtor"
    Anthony Pagano Lombard
  • "Beata has a rare ability to be both a friend and a professional. She was an essential asset to our first home buying experience and helped guide us through the things we didn't know. She was friendly and helpful and fun, but she also had a great focus that helped us stay on track. It was wonderful working with her!"
  • "Beata Kolpek was our agent when we purchased our home in Aurora and I can tell you from experience as I once had my Real Estate Lic that Beata took her job seriously. Beata was avail 24-7 and always called us back or emailed us back the same day regardless of the time we contacted her with any questions. We highly recommend Beata Kolpek for anyone thinking about purchasing a home in Illinois as you will never find any other realtor out there that will be there for you every step of the way."
  • "Beata was fantastic- she coordinated everything between the listing agent, their attorney, my attorney, the seller, and my bank. I could not have done it without her. She helped match my vague dream of owning a home with what I actually needed in a living space. When those needs unexpectedly changed mid-search, she did not miss a beat, but redoubled her efforts to find something that would work for my family and my budget. She'll be the first person I call the next time I'm ready to move, guaranteed."
  • "Great professional!"
  • "I have known Beata for almost 20 yrs. and she has helped me on 3-4 other real estate transactions. She is beyond trustworthy and is candid about the property in question. In this particular transaction, I was 1800 miles away and depended on her judgement (and that of a couple of friends) to be able to acquire the property. Doubt it would have happened with anyone else. The "clear communications" was a little difficult at times, but I think it was more due to my being located so far away. Again, because of the distance between where I was living and where I was purchasing, it was challenging at times but doubt anyone else could have pulled it off as well as Beata, or if it would have happened at all, had it not been for her!"
  • "Beata was great! She knows the Westmont market quite well! I would hire her again without hesitation."
  • "Beata helped me come to the right decision regarding the sale price."
  • "Beata knew exactly what needed to change in our house in order to sell it. She was extremely supportive and helpful when we needed recommendations, to buy specific furniture / drapes, etc. Beata helped us through every step of the process. She went above and beyond to prepare and stage our house for the market. She is also very responsive and kept us up to date on everything. She also ensured that we stayed on schedule with our goals and moving timeframe."
  • "Beata is a marketing whiz and a dream agent. Always available, prompt and very personable. She is dedicated to her profession and it is obvious that she enjoys what she does!"
  • "Beata Kolpek provided expertise above and beyond my expectations. I had many questions about selling my current home and purchasing a new home. Beata was able to answer them all and provide meaningful information on a wide host of issues I had never considered. That allowed me to make final decisions on both of the transactions I undertook. I certainly got my monies worth on the realtor fee I paid. You want the best? Beata is the ONE!"
  • "Beata came highly recommended by a family member, who had used Beata for several home purchases and sales. Beata was outstanding in every aspect of our home purchase. She was patient and diligent in helping us find the right home, and we are very grateful to have worked with her. I would highly recommend Beata to anyone looking for a home in the area!"
  • "Excellent! Definately recommend."
  • "Beata has been our agent on a few real estate transactions in the past. She represented the seller on a home we purchased in 2004 and than we used Beata to be our agent on the sale of that home in 2014. Without any reservations we had Beata be our agent on the purchase of our current home which we just closed on 2 weeks ago. What else is there to say...Beata is wonderful and as far as real estate agents go, one of the best!"
  • "We have had several buying and selling experiences with Beata and she had proven herself to be one of the best every time. She is always professional and meticulous from the listing to the closing. We would never consider using anyone else."
  • "Will recommend Beata to others, as she did well and helped in property we purchased."
  • "Beata put my mind to rest whenever I would get a bit excited due to being unfamiliar with some of the sale process. We could feel at ease knowing she was so confident in her work."


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