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December 1, 2017
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January 29, 2018
darien il real estate agent on millennial buyers

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darien il real estate agent on millennial buyers

Did you know that most of the home buyers in 2017 were millennials? About thirty-four percent of home buyers were of the millennial generation last year. This number is only going to rise as time goes on. This means that sellers will do well to take into consideration the personas of millennial buyers when preparing their homes for the market. Whether you are entering the Westmont real estate market or any other it is worth it to understand the up and coming home buyer force.

Kitchen and Bathroom

These two rooms are typically the most important to any home buyer. Millennials tend to like larger kitchens for the purpose of gathering. Hosting parties is common for this generation and, unlike past generations, it is the kitchen (not the living room) that is the preferred place to hang out. Community is very important to millennials and what is better for connecting than food? Almost half of millennial buyers prefer luxury when it comes to the kitchen and energy efficiency is important as well. Features like solar panels and energy-saving storage can be a short-term investment that will provide a return when selling your home.

When it comes to the bathroom, upgrades are important. Millennials often do not have the time or money to invest in fixing up a home. Instead, they prefer to move into a home that is already equipped with the latest and greatest.

Technology – A Must!

Millennials grew up surrounded by technology. It is an integral part of their world. For this reason, technological features in a home are essential. Think “home automation.” You can install a thermostat that allows for the homeowner to control the temperature of their home from their smartphone. Good cell phone reception and wifi will also be important. Modern security systems will also add appeal. For example, security cameras that stream through a mobile app enable the user to view the outside of their home with ease. Motion sensors can be used for added security.

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Look and Feel

Open floor plans are still popular and this preference is not likely to change in 2018. The value of community makes this interior layout ideal. Entertaining guests in a way that allows them to flow throughout the house is more important than having more rooms. Also, keep with neutral colors like white, tan, and gray. Style is very important to millennials so it is best to do everything you can to help them image their style in your home. Rely on your Westmont real estate agent for appropriate staging before opening up your house for visitors.

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