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February 24, 2017
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Downers Grove Realtor on what not to do when selling

Things NOT to Do When Selling by Downers Grove IL Realtor

Downers Grove Realtor on what not to do when selling

If you are selling your house in this market, where homes seem to be going like hotcakes, you have an advantage. However, there are some common mistakes that homeowners make when putting their house up for sale. Don’t take the chance of running off potential buyers with small things. Enjoy some of these tips on what NOT to do when selling your home from Downers Grove IL real estate agent Beata Kolpek.

Clean It Up

Dirt, grime, grease, and cobwebs will be sure to scare anyone thinking of purchasing your home. Make sure your house is in the best condition it can be. Put it extra effort to give your home a thorough cleaning. Steam clean the tile and re-grout.  Shampoo or replace old carpet. Make sure everything is clean and put away in the kitchen. If you have a pet, get rid of any odors. Ask your real estate agent for their recommendations on areas to clean. Experience as a Downers Grove IL Realtor has shown that it is always good to get an outsiders opinion.

Old Stuff

Although you may love your 70’s shag rug, most potential buyers probably won’t. Take a walk through your home and think about items that show old styles and consider replacing them. Think about doorknobs, fixtures, lighting, ceiling fans, etc. Many of these are inexpensive changes. New fixtures will only run you about $400 to $500. Helping sellers in ways like these is a prime role as a Downers Grove IL real estate agent.

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No Wallpaper Please

Sorry, wallpaper just s not very popular. The majority (if not all) of buyers don’t really like it and see it as a significant project they will need to embark on when they move in. Wallpaper is difficult to remove and takes time. The design is, in all probability, personalized to you. It is unlikely that a buyer will share the same taste. Remove the wallpaper and paint using a color that is neutral. Gray and beige are popular. For more information on what to do to appeal to buyers in the Chicago area, contact professional Downers Grove IL real estate agent Beata Kolpek.


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