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August 3, 2017
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real estate agent in westmont il helps with color choices

Home Color Tips | Real Estate Agent in Westmont IL

real estate agent in westmont il helps with color choices

Whether you are practicing interior design, preparing your home for the real estate market, or simply need a change new color can go a long way. However, it is advisable to follow a few simple bits of wisdom when choosing those colors. Take advantage of a few tips and tricks when it comes to color usable from experienced Westmont IL real estate agent Beata Kolpek.

Color Changes

One thing to keep in mind when choosing the colors for your home is the effects of various types of lighting. You may have had the experience of viewing a color in the store, only to find out that it looks different when you put it on the walls in your home. This is most likely due to how the light interacts with the color. When you are viewing colors in the store, make note of the type of lighting. When you get home, test the color in a safe place on the wall to see if you like it before purchasing the amount needed to color the walls. It’s an extra step, however, it will save you time and money if you end up not liking how it appears on your walls.

Consider the Color Factors

Another factor to consider when choosing your colors is the size of the room. In general, brighter colors make a room look bigger, while darker colors make it seem smaller. When selling your home it is usually a plus to make the rooms seem as big as possible. This is why neutral colors that are on a lighter note are preferred. In the case that you have a large room with a small amount of furniture, it might be a good idea to use a warmer color to make it feel a bit more cozy.

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Neutral is Our Friend

If you are a person that likes color take heed to not go overboard. Neutral colors like tan, gray, and white are popular for a reason. For starters, if you are preparing to sell your home neutral colors enable potential buyers to see themselves in your home. They may not like deep reds in the living room or baby blue in the kid’s bedroom, for example. Even if you are not planning to put your home on the market neutral is a good way to go. It can open up the door to playing with color with new furnishings.

Color Combinations

Even though neutral colors are important and safe it is good to combine colors to create a room that reflects your personality. Keep in mind that there should be a balance between bold colors and accent ones. When incorporating a bold color choose which color you want to stand out and use it minimally against a softer background. For example, you might choose the curtains, rug, and throw pillows to represent a dark blue and paint the walls a lighter neutral color. For more help preparing your home for the market contact Beata Kolpek, Westmont Realtor.

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