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Failing a home inspection isn’t the end of the world, it can, however, delay the Westmont Il real estate process.  Here are some common ways home Westmont real estate inspections fail.  You might consider a preemptive strike before the home inspection even occurs.

Let’s begin with what a home inspection is.  A home inspection is a visual examination of a home’s overall condition.  The house inspection report describes the condition a home is physically in and identifies potential critical problems with the house or items that need replacing.  Things that are covered in a home inspection report can vary depending on the inspector, but typically these are some common things included: the HVAC system, interior and exterior plumbing and electrical systems, the roof, any visible insulation, the condition of the walls and floors, the condition of the windows and their sealing, interior and exterior doors, the foundation, and basement.

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Issues that can cause a failed Westmont Il real estate inspection

  • Cover-ups. Even if a house looks great, a good inspector can find short-cuts that were taken on repairs or amateur renovations that were made by the homeowner.  This is common with houses that have been purchased with the intention to flip the property.  These houses are typically given away by uneven rooflines, multiple different foundations, and funky additions.  This doesn’t necessarily exclude a house from being good, buy they may present risks to the home buyer.
  • More repairs than anticipated.  The more repairs scenario can be common for younger homes a little over 20 years.  While most of these types of homes are in pretty good shape, they can often require replacements for expensive systems that were only designed to last 10-20 years.  Some common things that need a replacement just after 20 years are the furnace, roof (shingles), some appliances, decks that weren’t properly maintained, and siding.  The carpets may need special attention at this point, along with hardwood floors or laminate, and out buildings.  This maintenance list could come as a huge surprise to some Westmont Il home buyers.
  • The home has bad bones.  Some home buyers are intending to purchase a fixer-upper, and know that there is a list of repairs that they’ll be making.  But the buyer may not have taken into consideration that there might be major problems with the foundation, the framing, drainage, etc…  A problematic home inspection can add a very large amount to the home buyer’s budget that they weren’t anticipating.

Get in touch with your Westmont Il real estate agent Beata Kolpek.  She can walk you through all of the common pitfalls for failing home inspections in Westmont Il and help you avoid a delayed closing, or even worse, a deal that falls through.

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