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Advice on Selling a House As Is from Westmont IL Realtor


When you’ve made the initial decision to sell you house, the next considerations involve its condition. Start to think of your house as a product that you are selling. Some sellers desire to sell their house without the hassle of repairs and renovations. This is understandable, but it will no doubt drive down the price you’ll be able to get. There are, however, sometimes when this can work in your favor. Consider the following from Westmont IL Realtor Beata Kolpek.

Variables to Consider

When determining whether or not to sell your house “As Is,” you’ll want to think about competing inventory. What are you up against? What are other homes like your going for and what condition are they in? Also, is the real estate market hot or cold? If you’re in demand, then you’ll get more for your house even if the condition is not at it’s very best. As a Westmont IL Realtor, witnessing the market changes over the years has meant very different outcomes for “As Is” homes. Perhaps the most significant factor is whether the work and money you put into your house will give you a worthwhile return.

Financial Considerations

It is a good idea to look at the numbers. Find out what they value of your house will be after you make the needed improvements. To determine what needs attention, contact Westmont IL Realtor Beata Kolpek. She has years of experience providing real estate services in Dupage County. After you know the optimal worth of your house, add up how much it will cost you  to do the repairs. If the amount you are likely to get provides a significant return, selling “As Is” may not be the best option. However, if you’re not likely to get much profit, selling your house in its current condition might be the better option.

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Other Considerations

Although the financial aspect of probably the most significant, there are others to consider. For example:

  • Do you need to sell your house quickly?
  • Are you looking to downgrade?
  • Is the hassle involved in home improvement not worth it?
  • Are there other bargaining points you can utilize when selling?

No doubt there are many factors to think through. Consider contacting Westmont IL Realtor Beata Kolpek to work through the best decision for your specific situation. Her knowledge and expertise are available to you if you live in or around Westmont IL.

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