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Willowbrook Illinois Real Estate Agent Beata Kolpek

Willowbrook real estate agent and realtorBuying or selling a home represents a massive financial commitment, a major change in your life, and a potentially emotionally intense period of approximately 18-24 months.  During this time, you’ll be looking at different homes, meeting with some potential home buyers, or just keeping a close eye on the real estate markets in your area and neighborhood.  As you’re going through this real estate process, you will surely find that a great real estate agent can help you through the turbulence and make sense of everything that has to happen.  You’ll want to choose a great Willowbrook IL real estate agent at the very outset of your real estate process as it could be the single most important decision you’ll have to make.

Here are some tips on how to choose a great Willowbrook IL real estate agent like Beata Kolpek now, so that you save yourself from headaches later.

  1. Parse the offers

    If your ready to take the leap and get into the market for a new home, or are thinking about listing your current home, you can quickly find that you’ll be inundated by advertisements, brochures, mailers, phone calls, promises, guarentees, and handshakes from someone with a shady smile.  In this market, there are more agents competing for home listings and commissions than there are homes for sale.  It’s up to you to give a firm NO! to any offer that seams shady.  This is going to be one of the largest financial decisions you’ll make during the course of your life—don’t just trust a fast-talking charlatan/salesman or a glorified call center.

  2. Check for credentials.

    Family friends are great and all, but they usually don’t make good business dealings.  Anyone can become a licensed real estate agent, it’s not that difficult, however, it takes commitment, dedication, skill, knowledge, experience, and reliability to become a great Realtor.  Look for a proven track record from a full-time Realtor like Beata Kolpek who has training, certifications, licenses, and credentials.  Your father’s best friend’s uncle’s neice is probably a great person, but that isn’t enough to make her the best Willowbrook IL real estate agent for you.

  3. Real estate is a career, not a hobby.

    There are no great part-time real estate agents.  To be great at anything requires full-time dedication.  The real estate market is alive and therefore always in flux, and there are new developments and opportunities every singel day.  If an agent only works part-time, they haven’t made their career their focus, and you can get better than that.  You want a real estate agent that has their finger on the pulse of your local real estate market.  The knowledge of how other homes like yours are selling is necessary information that you need to have.

  4. You get what you pay for.

    Sure, it’s an old addage, but it usually holds true.  Realtors get a commission as a reward for the hard work that they do.  The whole point of a real estate brokerage is to get the right properties, at the right prices, into the right hands or families.  This isn’t an easy process.  This can take years of dedication, and thousands of man hours.  A fair commission will reflect the work that went into the sale.

    Don’t be fooled by a real estate agent that offers a low commission.  There are just too many horror stories.  Shady real estate agents can get clients to sign contacts with promises of crazy low commission rates, but then fail to deliver.  As long as that agent does the bare minimum, and isn’t in breach of his/her contract, their clients can be forced to pay that agent’s reate or commission anyway.  That’s not good business, but it happens.

    Real estate can be considered a art.  Pricing correctly for the market and neighborhood, home staging, marketing, holding open houses, and finding the right buyers is a craft.  A higher commission rate doesn’t indicate a swindler; it show you that this Realtor has to invest more to do the job right and uphold their promises.

  5. Closing deals, closing thoughts.

    Beata Kolpek of Platinum Partners Realtors puts people first.  She won’t sign a deal that isn’t a win-win for her and her clients, and she won’t compromise her values or her integrity.  Trust Beata for all of your Willowbrook Illinois real estate agent needs.


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