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What is a listing Agent?  Why a home sale hinges on a real estate agent’s expertise.

woodridge il real estate agent beata kolpek platinum partners realtorsWhen you’re getting ready to sell your Woodridge IL home, finding the right real estate listing agent should be at the top of your priorities.  But what exactly is a Woodridge IL listing agent?  This might conjure up some image of someone who sticks a for sale sign on your front lawn and shows home buyers around your house, but there is so much more to being a real estate listing agent.

Here’s a brief overview as to what a listing agent does, how the real estate agent makes or breaks your home sale, and how to find the best Woodridge IL real estate listing agent for you.

  1. How listing agents help you price your home.How much do you think your home is actually worth?  That can be a difficult question to answer.  You can get a reasonable ballpark value by searching the internet.  Sites like Realtor.com and Zillow.com offer these services but are often way off base.  This is where a great listing agent like Beata Kolpek can help.

    The stakes are high when it comes to pricing your home correctly.  If you price is too low, then you could lose out on a lot of money.  If you price it too high, you could scare off potential buyers and your house will sit on the market forever.

    Great listing agents know how to analyze the sales prices of comparable homes, otherwise know as comps, in your area to see where your home should fit in.  They will then advise you accordingly with an accurate price range.

  2. How does a listing agent help you sell your home?After you’ve worked with your agent and set an appropriate price, your Woodridge IL real estate listing agent will provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan detailing how she will get your home sold.  This plan can include some of the following:
    1. Recommendations for home improvements or tips for home staging.  Yes, improvements can cost you time and money, but, if done right, they will improve your chances of getting a higher asking price and a swifter sale.
    2. Hiring a professional photographer that will take magazine quality images of your home to show off it’s best features.
    3. Adding your home to the MLS where buyers and other Realtors can see your home and decide if they’d like to do a showing.  In addition to this, big name data aggregators such as Realtor.com and Zillow.com will pull your home information into their database right from the MLS giving your home even more exposure.
    4. Marketing and holding open houses.
    5. Coordinate house showings with prospective buyers.
  3. How to choose your Woodridge IL real estate listing agent.If you’re in the market for a great listing agent, you can do a long drawn out search through the mountains of agents online, or you can choose Beata Kolpek, Woodridge IL’s smart choice for all of your real estate needs.