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September 23, 2017
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westmont il real estate agent on writing a listing

Real Estate Agent in Westmont IL Shares Listing Tips

westmont il real estate agent on writing a listing

Selling your home effectively involves many steps. Each one has its own role and importance. Preparing your home well with repairs, renovations, and staging impacts the buyers first impression of your home. Quality pictures can grab the attention of potential buyers. Writing the listing well gives the most important information buyers are seeking in an appealing way. To learn how to do this well follow these tips from professional Westmont Illinois real estate agent Beata Kolpek.

First Things First

When writing the listing for your home it is a good idea to first identify the top selling point of your home. Maybe the location is desirable to many. A home near a beautiful nature preserve or accessible transportation might be appealing. If you live near a downtown area with many shops you might want to start with that. Other selling points might include a newly renovated kitchen or bath, master bedroom, size of the garage, or storage space. One of the reasons it is important to put the best qualities of your home first is due to how buyers view homes on the market these days. Most look at homes online using their smartphones. This means that they will look at listings during pockets of time throughout the day. You might only get a few seconds of exposure this way. Thus, if you put the most attractive features of your home first they will be more likely to come back to it later.

Engaging Words

Using buzz words can also help attract buyers to your listing. When a home is “captivating” or “impeccable” buyers take notice. If true to your property, include the word “luxurious” when applicable. To describe the various aspects of your home make sure to include words like “granite,” “stainless,” or “landscaped.” Keep in mind that buyers scan several listings each day so the ones that grab their attention the most will win out. The goal is to be honest in your description while also using words that make your home stand out.

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Necessary Components

When writing your listing it is also good to use bullet points and include all the necessary information. The location of the home, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size, and school district will be needed. Professional photos are also important. Make sure you get a real estate photographer as well. They will know how to take photos of your home that matter. The angles they choose and exposure will be different than that of other photographers.

For more help preparing your home for the market contact Westmont IL REALTOR Beata Kolpek!

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